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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> on the outskirts the army is reportedly taking on armed men. [♪ music ] >> hello, welcome to al jazeera. it is good to have you here with us. also on this program. >> we have never pursued or sought a nuclear bomb, and we are not going to do so. >> iran's new president promises his country will never seek a nuclear weapon. qaddafi's regime on trial. they're due back in court.
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and at least 80 people are dead in mexico after a blast of two powerful storms. one of which is now a hurricane. >> we begin in egypt where the media there says that 14 people have been arrested, and one police officer has been killed in an operation o on the outskis of cairo. security force versus been exchanging fire in giza. we know go to our correspondent who is in cairo for security reasons. can you you give us a picture what have is happening and give us the latest? >> reporter: about an hour ago
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they are sending reinforcements. what is going on a fairly large scale operation starting at 3:00 a.m. the police and the military out there for quite some time on the streets. and they have been there since the middle of august. in the aftermath the mobs that stormed the police stations, killed 11 police officers.
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the police and army want to retake it. they are being picked off by niners and there have been a number of people arrested. the police and army have surrounded the area and cut off all the roads to the town, and there is still fighting going on in the streets at the moment. >> thank you very much. we'll bring you the latest on that. we do apologize for the quality of the audio. thank you. iran's president hasan rouhani said his country will
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never build a nuclear weapon. he also told the u.s. tv network that he has full authority to negotiate a deal on iran's nuclear program. >> in his first interview since becoming the president of iran, hasan rouhani wasted no time making news. >> we have never pursued a nuclear bomb and we are not going to do so. >> reporter: what's more, the new leader made it clear the obama administration would not be getting mixed signals in future talks on iran's nuclear program. >> in his nuclear program this government enters with full power and has complete authority. i have given the nuclear negotiations portfolios to the foreign ministry. the problem won't be from our side. we have proficient political latitude to solve this problem.
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>> reporter: the u.s. has acaused iran of lying of its intentions and has caused round after round of sanctions. they say that those sanctions have starved the economy which rouhani is anxious to regenerate. >> there is an opportunity here for diplomacy. i hope that the iranians take advantage of it. there are indications that rouhani, the new president, is someone who is looking to open dialogue with the west, and with the united states. in a way that we haven't seen in the past. so we should test it. >> reporter: obama sentra than any a letter of congratulations after his recent election. a gesture which rouhani welcom welcomed. and after the release of 11 political prisoners, this
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reaction from the u.s. state department. we welcome today's report that the iranian government has released several prisoners of conscience. in the months ahead we hope he will continue to keep his promises to the iranian people. both rouhani and obama will both be at the united nations next week for the start of the general assembly. so far aides say there is no plans for the two to meet. but it is starting to look like what was once unthinkable is emerging into the realm of possible. al jazeera. >> the white house has given this statement in response to president rouhani's interview. this is what they said:
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>> international affairs at the university of south florida. he said the timing of this interview and release of political prisoners is very significant. >> i think this release of the political prisoners is a statement about iran's nuclear program must be viewed in the context of a very major strategic decision that the islamic republic of iran has made, and that decision is that they want to some how reach an agreement with the western world, particularly with the united states over iran's nuclear program. sanctions have hurt iranian economy, and people are sick and tired, and therefore the government has to respond. ayatollah khamenei seems to support it. he has recently said that iran needs to be ready for flexible compromise, which in iranian leadership means iran must reach
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an agreement compromise with the west over the disputed nuclear program. >> the son of muammar qaddafi is back to trial, he could be sentenced to death. 30 otherga dafy era general are also on trial. >> now we keep our promise and present this case which was awaited by the libyan people for a long time. it will be transferred to the indictment chamber. >> ed were bashar al-assad has told the u.s. television channel that syria is ready to destroy it's chemical weapons.
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he denies that he was behind the chemical attack but insists he'll abidely the laws of abidee chemical weapons convention. he said in documents we are committed to the full requirements of this agreement. he added it needs $1 billion if the american administration is ready to pay that money and to take responsibility of bringing toxic materials to the united states, why don't they do it. assad also denied responsibility for last month's chemical attack saying no one has verified the credibility of the pictures. the only verified things are the samples that the delegation took. there has been more fighting with government and rebel forces. this video shows an attack on a military building. that's a city in southwestern
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syria. another video shows shelling in the town in western hama province. activists say it is not clear who was behind that attack. now at least 80 people are dead in mexico after it was lost by two powerful storms. the area is one of the hardest hit areas. we're in acapulco, where rescuers are battling to reach thousands of people. >> reporter: desperate for help. hundreds of people have been stranded for days. many have gone without food or drinking water since severe flooding left them homeless. government provided rations are a lifeline but people say it's not enough. >> we haven't eaten since it started raining. the water took away everything. the children are cybil. >> reporter: fishermen jose lopez said he was lucky to get
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his disabled daughter out of his house. >> look at my house now. the water took everything, the bed, fridge, everything, we're homeless now. >> reporter: more than a million people were affected by two tropical storms that slammed into mexico last weekend. worst hit was the specific state where 40 people died. two months of rain fell in just two days. thousands seek shelter from acapulco. many wonder what awaits them when they return home. but the government has perhaps a more pressing job to take care of first. >> reporter: 40,000 tourists have been trapped in acapulco since the tournament hit. they're been waiting for a flight for more than three days. they're hot, tired and they've had enough. some passengers started to block
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the entrance to the strip. >> the line doesn't move. there are a lot of children who have been sleeping here for 72 hours. >> reporter: with more storms on the way, the government is now racing against time trying to get supplies to where they're needed the most. al jazeera, acapulco, mexico. >> a look at the world's weather next, but plenty here left here on al jazeera. >> i miss you so much. i miss you every day. i've been waiting so long for her. >> we have the intriguing story of a woman believed to have been abducted by north korea agents. and anger and grief as members of the far right is arrested over the death of a left-wing activist.
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>> hello again. let me take you to a top story from al jazeera. egyptian media say that 14 people have been arrested, and one police officer has been killed in an operation on the outskirts of cairo. as security forces enter the area to arrest people accuse of violence, now you're looking at live pictures from one of the areas where police forces are said to have face off with people there. what you're seeing right now are residents on one side and security on the other. we'll be following these developments closely for you and
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bring you the latest as we get it. >> iran's president said his country will never build a weapon of mass destruction. and he has been given full authority to negotiate on iran's nuclear program. and bashar al-assad said he'll fully comply with the weapons convention but he denies that his government was behind last month's attack. international aid agency said that many countries are falling short of what they should be giving syria in humanitarian aid. in june the u.n. launched a $5 billion appeal, and only 44% of that sum has been received. it's worked out what each country's fair share is according to their side of the economy. qatar and russia has sent 3% of what they should. france has given under 50%.
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the u.s. meanwhile has give the post to syria, $1.29 billion which is 63% of its fair share. well, that money is needed to provide syria's growing number of refugees. more than a half million crossed jordan alone be, and now jordan is opening a new camp. we have this report. >> reporter: this is where jordan's second refugee camp for syrians is being built. it is east of the capital aman near jordan's river with saudi arabia. construction began in april when the government realized that syrian refugees were going to keep coming. jordan already has a largest refugee camp for syrians in the region and second largest in the world. but this new facility is going to be even bigger. eventually able to house 130,000
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people. >> any influx that will come in right now, immediately we have room which will absorb 20,000 up front. we can go up to 20,000 plus to be absorbed on a contingency basis. >> reporter: this area is a vast desert of volcanic rock with a severe climate. but aid agencies working here are trying to do things differently after lessons learned from running the other camps. >> we're working on smaller sanitation units to serve less people and there is more ownership and less vandalism. we have you wants of 16,000 people but at the emergency rate they can be available for 50,000 people as of today. >> reporter: aide agencies are hoping to get this camp up and running. huge water and septic tanks have been installed, and roads have been paved.
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after listen together frustrations of syrians living in homes redesigned based on their feedback. these new fabricated you wants are durable structures and they're able to with stand extreme weather conditions. families have more privacy they're able to install partitions in the home. there are fierce anything built with cement would mean that this refugee crisis is here to stay. no one knows if this camp will fill up, but by building it the jordanian government is not taking any chances with the war next door. >> the mother of the gunman who killed 12 people in the washington navy yard has expressed remorse of her son's action. the military is looking into new measures to protect its employees from what it called workplace violence.
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alan fisher reports. >> reporter: they know who but they don't know why. u.s. investigators are still trying to figure out why aaron alexis shot and killed 12 people at washington navy yard. alexis mother has apologized to the victims' families. >> his actions have an every lasting and profound effect on the families. i don't know why he did what he did, and i won't be able to ask him why. >> reporter: the pentagon reporters wanted to know why alexis' past didn't prevent him from security clearance. he had a series of runnen i runh law enforcement, and a month ago he called police in rhode island of hearing voices. they admit more could be done. >> there were a lot of red flags as you noted. why they didn't get picked up,
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why they didn't get incorporated in the clearance process of what he was doing, those are all legitimate questions that we're going to be dealing with. >> reporter: one thing officials dismissed was when the pentagon cut corners on screening any contractors to save money. >> the budget issue did not degrade the security at the navy yard in any way contribute to this. >> reporter: the military refused to weigh in on the need for expanded gun control in the u.s. while a number of gun control groups called for tougher screening laws to prevent people such as alexis from purchasing firearms. as the pentagon and the white house plan for services on sunday, families of the victims don't forget their loved ones. >> my husband was a wolfman. >> a call to remember as a search for answers is just beginning. >> the philippine government says it has successfully
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contained separatest rebels holding out in zapboanga. they said up to 40 heighters are holding 21 people hostage. 100 rebels from the mora initial liberation front has been arre arrested. unspeakable atrocities in north korea. inquiries show the government has systemic violating human rights. we went to meet one family who will soon testify. >> if she is listening her brother has a message for her. >> i miss you so much. i miss you every day. i've been waiting so long for her. i'm deaf. i can't hear any more. >> but if she's alive today she would be 58. for more than a quarter of a century her family had no idea
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how or why she disappeared while working at a massage therapist in macao in 1978. then came news from a couple who said they knew her well from of all places, north korea. >> the reporter came to see us. all of our family gathered in the house, and we all cried for her. >> american deserter charles jenkins showed this picture to the world. he is in the foreground. but behind him and his japanese abductee wife was a woman named anocha and she is from thailand. this is the house she built. her brother and her son continued to ask the thai government to pressure the north korean government for her release. they deny the story and the current government in bangkok isn't inclined to help.
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>> they don't pay attention to these case. i'm really disappointed about it, and it is very sad. i went to talk to the foreign minister, but he referred to see me. >> the garden blooms this season. the work of a modest farming family with no political influence. >> so these were her favorite toys as she was growing up, when she was just a child, her dolls. she kept them safe with her as she got older. now her brother and her nephew are keeping them safe for her until she come back to reclaim them. it's as if time has stood still in her old bedroom. her clothes in fashion 40 years ago still hang in her wardrobe with the proof that she was born scratched on these tiny traditional scrolls. and the proof that she is missed etched on the face of her
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waiting brother. >> italian politician bursluscoi was convicted of fax fraud. he said he will not give up his role as leader of the center right party. the beginning of a left wing musician sparked protest. a man who said he belonged to the far right political party has confessed the murder. >> the clar clash in the conting protest in and around athens. this demonstration comes hours after a greek rapper and anti-fascist campaigner known as
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killer p died at hospital. he was stabbed allegedly by a man who is under arrest. the man admitted to dealing a sympathizer of the right far golden door. >> these people don't want democracy. they undermine it. we must isolate them. >> the socialist party has renewed course golden door 15 seats in parliament to be banned. they dialogue over possible legislation. >> we need to stand together in the face of history and consider if the characteristics of this political groups in our country are similar to the former political groups of germane and italy. >> all of you in here are against us. you are all lying.
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golden dawn has nothing at all and i will shout it out loud, nothing to do with this unfortunate event, nothing whatsoever. >> golden dawn supporters have been accused not only of using neo-nazi imagery but also of violent attacks against immigrants. however the politicians react to the latest killing, the tension on the streets are likely to disappear. al jazeera. >> agency stock markets have serged in response to news of the u.s. central bank. a federal reserve has decided to leave its program unchanged which means they're going to continue to pump billions of dollars in the u.s. economy. >> a small desk the setting of
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what was expected to be a big economic announcement from the chairman of the federal reserve ben bernanke. it was expected to impact the world economy but he changed course. >> to make no change in the program. >> reporter: translation the u.s. central bank will continue printing money buying u.s. bonds and securities. they had been expected to scale back. but bernanke said the u.s. haven't created enough jobs, and with the continuing fight between the president and the republicans in congress and possible consequences the fed will wait. >> it is the case, i think, that the government shut down and failure to raise the debt limit could have serious financial consequences and the federal reserve policy is to do whatever we can to keep the economy on course. >> reporter: what that means the
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there are will stay weak and economists say that helps developing economies. >> this is near term good news for developing markets because u.s. interest rates are staying low so the u.s. will continue to be kind of like a lawn blower blowing cash towards the bricks rather than the reverse. >> the bricks, brazil, russia, india, china and south africa are feeling the effects of even the talk of change. money and currency started moving. 900 investors were asked to pick one or two countries which would be the worst investment opportunities next year. 25% said brazil. 24% russia. india fared the worse of all. 35% saying they wouldn't put their money there, 23% said china. the developed countries did much better. the news out of washington could halt the destabilizing impact on the developing world. for now. >> thank you. >> but bernanke has made it clear, the policy is going to change. it's just a question of when.
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al jazeera, washington. >> and to remind you, you can always keep up-to-date with all the news on our website. you can find all the stories and features on there has been a steady but modest increase of cyberbullying in the last decade. 24% of high schoolers said they have been bullied. 85% of the time victims knows the bully. >> here with us for more insight is debra a bullying prevention manager for justice and human rights. from connecticut we're joined by emily, author of "sticks and stone." and back here in the studio, jennifer, the legal and policy director for the online safety institute. us. plain and simple. >> when we're looking at cyberbullying, we're looking at online behavior that is hostile, harassment, it's over a period of time. it's not just one comment that is mean but hostile behavior over a period of time pep we often see a power imbalance. someone who has a higher social status in school harassing someone who does not have as much popularity. >> there is a big problem with bullying in school. cyberbullying, we're seeing more as technology gets into kids hands. but we want to see it as one thing that needs to be addressed. >> is that your definition? >> it is my definition but one of the biggest problems out there right now is that we all disagree on a definition of bullying. we might say that bullying is aggressive behavior repeated over time. but if you ask two people on the street if certain behavior is disagree. >> it's a theoretical experience. >> what i experienced as bullying might be completely different from someone else. this is problematic when our solution for bullying relies on an objective definition of bullying. >> when the rubber hits the road bully something a very personal experience for someone. do


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